Can this be done with a group policy?

I have an HVAC program that runs on XP professional SP2, requires only a refresh on the program maybe every half hour, and needs user intervention on start up. We do not have a keyboard or mouse attached
Would like to have the ability to have the machine start up and log into the network and start the program and thats it.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Nod, it's known as AutoAdminLogon, take a look -

... I'm not sure if you meant to say that the app. needs or does NOT need user intervention.  If it is the former, what specific user intervention is required?

NOTE - ensure the user you're using is limited to doing only what is necessary (a best practise regardless) since their password will appear in the registry of the computer in plain text.
have you tried tweakUI it lets you login automatically if that's what needs your intervention. Caveat: I think your password gets written to the registry in plain text.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You can put the program in the startup group so that is runs on startup and use the free Microsoft Sysinternals AutoLogon Tool to automate the logon process
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