IP conflict on a DHCP network

I have a network setup with a DHCP server and all of the clients are set to dynamic. The network printers and servers are set to static ip addressess that are documented. I have one computer that whenever I set it to get a dynamic ip, every time it tells me that there is an ip conflict. I can go onto the DHCP server, release the ip address that it is having a conflict with and I can do a ping on that ip address and nothing comes up. When I try to get an ip address dynamically from that computer I get the same thing all over again. I can however set it to a static address. What am I missing? On the DHCP server I have a range reserved that should stay static and should not be handed out, and the ips that this computer has conflicts with are no where in that range.
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bluetabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem may be with the network card on that computer.  Do you have another card that you can swap out and try?
What is the exact error message  it is giving you?
When you set it to static do you give it the same IP address that was giving the conflict?

I can think of a couple of things, but the first thing that comes to my mind is that it probably means that SOMETHING is using the IP address (ie. a router (who you can't ping because it's security set it to not respond to ping)  also printers who also don't respond to pings sometimes (when network connected like what you have), even stand alone VOIP devices or firewalls etc...

I suggest you look for that device and just change its ip address or  try GFI Languard to scan your network OR just set that IP address to reserve :)
stevek65Author Commented:
The problem is every time I change that computer to dynamic, no matter what ip address it gets it says there is a conflict. It's not just that one address.
Try to give this COmputer a static Internal Ip address.
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