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Problem with Cisco Wireless AP using Aironet 1310 and mast antenna connecting to bridge AP

I have a 1310 Aironet AP with AIR-ANT24120 mast located in the middle of my complex (outdoor on a pole 50ft up).  I was able to get it connected to the 1310 Aironet AP bridge at a sales office with clear line of site at 1000 ft 15 ft up on roof.  All that seems to work fine.  The problem I am having is Standing directly under the mast or even within 100 ft from it I do not get a signal.   Will this mast just help me with the long distance connection.  Am I going to have to put another AP in play right next to it for the shorter distances?   Did I buy the wrong mast?  I am trying to have access across most of my outdoor complex for wireless barcode scanners and stil be able to connect from the sales lot 1000 ft away.  Any suggestions.   Should I change my directional AP bridge on the sales lot to Wireless access?  Any help would be welcome.  
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As the dbi of an antenna increases, the radiating signal gets smaller close to the antenna and as it moves away it starts gaining vertically and horizontally. You are most likely overshooting everything below. Because of the vertical height of the signal at 1000 feet, you could probably down tilt the antenna to put more signal closer to the ground or get a lower dbi antenna or as you said get another AP for the localized area. This is a normal situation.
patrickmillerAuthor Commented:
Would I be ok putting the localized AP on the same pole?  Can I get a setup that would handle bridging and Wireless?
You can put it on the same pole but you should have enough vertical separation that their signals don't overlap. I would have the bridge antenna at top. Also, just a suggestion, I would not use an omni antenna for the link, I would go with a couple of patch antennas on both ends.
Stay with lower dbi antenna to cover the area. Even a linksys wap54g with stock antenna (3dbi) can cover 300 feet or more outside. An Ap rated for outdoors with a stock antenna will probably do the trick.

They do make dual and even quad radio AP's that use 5.8ghz for the bridge and 2.4ghz for local connections but I am not sure you need to invest in that.
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