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I have an IBM T61 laptop; it comes with a SATA hard drive. I configured it with a hard drive password through the BIOS. I forgot this password, currently I am just looking to be able to format this H.D. because once I remove it and attached it to any other PC that PC doesn't assign it a drive letter. Any body have an advice to be able to remove it's master password or format if?
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ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmm. If the S-ATA standard at all follows the ATA standard, the hard drive password is not something you can crack or by-pass; you need to remember (or guess!) the correct password. The general idea is to protect data on the hard drive and once the drive is set to ask for password, you need the correct password to access it at all.

There are a few threads here about HD passwords. Admittedly, they're about ATA standard drives, many of them, but they may serve as a lead to the problem complex. It doesn't hurt asking the maker about the problem, but I'd be inclined to advise you to not get your hopes up too much.

Both HD and BIOS passwords are pretty dangerous to use unless you have some way of saving these PW's in written form. BIOS passwords require vendor or maker assistance nowadays, it's not just a matter of resetting the CMOS.
Is it a harddrive password? or bios password?
Ok its a harddrive password. You may need to contact Lenovo/IBM to remove it. They will ask for proof of ownership, but they can help you.
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To kinda sum up what rid said if you set a hard drive password and forget it you will need to replace the drive because now it's a paperweight.
Most companies have a master password if they programmed the drive. So at least call IBM first. Don't give up so fast.
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