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I have a company that does has many credit card x-actions.  CC's are swiped on the pc and through the software installed on the worksation (XP Pro SP2).  The end user then transmits all transactions through the program through the internet (Web based interface over port 443) to the transaction server that then records the transactions.
The workstation is part of a Wireless LAN.  Wireless is WEP encrypted, SSID is not broadcast.
The wireless access point is a Netgear wireless router connected to the DSL Modem.
My question is the Firewall functionality of the Netgear firewall/router sufficient to protect this LAN?  Or do i need more of a Cisco PIX firewall (VPN functionality is not a concern at this point).  Is there a certain type of firewall that is best other than the firewall functionality built in to the Netgear router?
LAN is for a medical facility that swipe many transactions and many very large sums of money so security is a major concern of their's.
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The firewall should be fine but the wireless network is a serious vulnerability. WEP is very weak and can be broken in a matter of minutes. I would strongly suggest upgrading to WPA2.
As you are taking credit card information you should take a look at the PCI DSS standard. See
datzitAuthor Commented:
Mistype on my part...i am using WPA2.
Based on this i should be ok with this setup?
Can you please confirm that?

In general it should be ok. You need to go through the PCI standard though as it is very good and comprehensive and covers security in all areas. There are many areas like having antivirus and spyware detection running on each machine etc...
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