outlook and exchange

i have a user that when he sends messages sometimes to people they will get two copies?
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CBanmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It takes so long to scan the email that Outlook times out and believes the message wasn't sent.   Once the virus scanning program is done it's scan of the outgoing email, it is sent.  At this point Outlook tries sending it again.    It wouldn't happen everytime, but I've seen it enough to know that this is a possibility.

Check the settings on your virus scanning app to see if you are able to turn that off.  We use an enterprise version that doesn't allow for that, so we have to put up with it.

You may also be able to increase the server timeout in Outlook to fix this as well.  I am not running Exchange, so I can't say for sure where you would make that adjustment.
This can happen when the virus scanning software scans outgoing messages.  Take a look and see if there is an option to turn that off.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
explain how this happenes?
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