Delete old Domain Controllers

Windows 2003 Server

I have 3 Servers that no longer exist in our domain. They were taken down before they could be demoted. I am trying to delete the servers from AD Sites and Services but I get an error indicating that if the are permanently offline then they must deleted one at a time??????????
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The following steps illustrate the proper procedure to remove failed domain controllers from Active Directory in Windows Server 2003:
AD Sites and Services says they must be deleted one at a time. So does that mean you tried to delete them as a group? What happens if you only select one to delete?
Did you try deleting them from AD Users and Computers?

If you want a true clean up, use the method Laura linked to.
The following article may help:
zyanjAuthor Commented:
I solved it myself... In AD Sites and Services I had to delete the replication relationship before I could delete the server itself.

I had the option then to delete the server completely due to the fact that it was no longer online.
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