How was XP Installed w/o SATA drivers on SATA disk?!

There have been so many growses in almost evry forum about peeps not being able to install XP on a SATA drive. So what we do is slipstreap the setup with the SATA drivers using nlite.

So far so good, what amazed me the other day was...
Windows XP SP2 w/o the slipstreamed SATA drivers installed flawlessly on the Dell Inspiron 1705. There was no setting in the BIOS for the SATA disk, so the feature being disabled is ruled out.

The XP cd is a student version which did not install on my comp with a SATA disk.

Experts here enlighten me please.
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If the drivers were still installed even after the OS was up, then the OS probably IS seeing the drives as SATA.

What I was trying to say is that there are motherboards out there that have hardware on them to provide a bridge between SATA and PATA. So if you are running an OS that doesn't natively support SATA, you can still use SATA drives by allowing the hardware to present them to the OS as PATA drives (normal IDE). That means you end up probably losing the perfomance normally provided by SATA.

So if you were installing from an installation point that did not have the SATA drivers included, then perhaps that Insprion 1705 included that bridge mechanism and the installation went through just fine.

I have a similar situation with a system that has SATA connections on the motherboard... but the board can be used by systems that don't natively support SATA. On my system there is a switch in the BIOS that enables to make the SATA drives appear as IDE.
Depending on the system you are using, some of them are true SATA and some of them have a bridge that allows you to connect a SATA drive to the system, but appears to the OS as a PATA drive. In that case, the drivers were already there, and the OS doesn't realize that it's really SATA.
You can also put the SATA drivers on a floppy disk and hit the F6 function key when it asks for you to install any special purpose drivers needed (I forget the exact wording) very early during setup...
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patrvicAuthor Commented:

so are you saying it's not exactly a SATA disk?...hey u know what i saw the sata drivers installed in the device manager. From the point u put may be the guy installed the drivers after he installed windows...but it would still need a sata disk for the drivers to get installed...dont u think?
patrvicAuthor Commented:
...or the OS to realize it as a SATA disk for the drivers to get installed...
patrvicAuthor Commented:
so the Sata drivers that were installed after installing the os, make the sata function active. is that wat ur saying?
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