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formatcurrency showing invalid character symbol instead of pound sign

i've got this code:

      display = display + "<div id=""productsProductOuterContainer"">"
      display = display + "<div id=""productsProductContainer"">"

      display = display + "<div class=""productImageContainer""><a href=""product.asp?ProductID=" + ProductID + "&ProductName=" + ProductName + "&Department=" + dept + "&menswomens=" + category + """><img src=""images/md/" + ProductImage + ".jpg"" class=""productimages"" alt=""" + ProductName + """/></a></div>"
      display = display + "<p>" + ProductName + "<br />" + formatcurrency(ProductPricerrp) + "</p>"
      display = display + "<a href=""product.asp?ProductID=" + ProductID + "&ProductName=" + ProductName + "&Department=" + dept + "&menswomens=" + category + """><img src=""images/" + session("menswomens") + "bt_view.gif"" alt=""View"" /></a>"

      display = display + "</div>      <!-- end of productsproductcontainer -->"
      display = display + "</div>"


but instead of formatcurrency(ProductPricerrp) showing £ before the price, its showing an invalid character symbol (square).  Any ideas please?  
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you will probably have to change the codepage of the page in question to be uk.  I know the server may be located in europe, however it may have been configured to be us, or some other country
another thing that may do it, the DTD you use
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Besides the above look at the encoding for the page.  This can be done with an html meta tag but is even better from the server.  In ASP it would be done with ...

Response.AddHeader "Content-type", "text/html; charset=utf-8"

You could use a different encoding but utf-8 is one that should support that symbol.

Let me know if you have a question or need more info.

One other thought and maybe the simplest solution if it is an encoding issue.  Use HTMLEncode.


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