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I am trying to migrate some data from one MySql Database to another and have a problem.  I do a dump of a table that contains a blob field that I use to store an image.  When I go to load that dump into another database table I get errors like the following:

Error at line 819: Unknown command '\0'
Error at line 1974: Unknown command '\Z'

How can I successfully migrate a blob field's contents from one database table to another using a dump?????

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Aleksandar BradarićConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
Try dumping the DB using `--fields-escaped-by=""`. This should encolse all BLOB data and should have no problems restoring it.
gvector1Author Commented:
In order to use that option, I have to also use the --tab option which creates a .sql file for creating the table and a .txt file with the actual data.  I then have to go down the line and execute a mysql + .sql file to create each table then go back and do a load data infile with the .txt data dumps.  Any other approaches to accomplish this??????
Aleksandar BradarićSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Not that I know of... Maybe someone else has a better idea...
gvector1Author Commented:
Okay, I have gotten through the upgrade.  I will award you the points as you have helped me solve my problem.  I ended up doing a complete dump of the database and loading into the new version.  I then ended up doing a "select into outfile fields enclosed by" statement and then using a load data infile command to reload the table that had the blob fields that were causing the problems.  That ended up working for me.

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