How do I crate an CNAME for our WSS home page


How do I create an CNAME for our WSS home page so we can just type "intranet" instead of http://myportal/myteam? When I tried to do that and I created in DNS "intranet" CNAME and pointed it to our WSS server and in IIS added in IP Address Host Header Value "intranet" but when I type "intranet" it takes me  to http://myportal instead http://myportal/myteam which is the home page

Thank you

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the problem is that WSS has built the url into iis, you need to go to the central admin config of sharepoint and add it as an internet url. this can vary based on the wss version you use. But whats happening is sharepoint is processing the URL and saying thats not right and trying to correct it which of course fails.
Try creating a new site using the host header to access it.
Either create this site to start at the lower level of the other one (this could break some relative references built into the site) or have the default page for this site redirect to the subpage you want to go to.
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
I went to Alternative Access Mappings under Global Configuration, we use WSS 3 and was trying to add http://myportal/myteam (which is the actual home page, not http:/myportal and it won't let me it says the URL format is invalid. We already have some mappings in there:

http://mycompany:9405  Default http://mycompany2:9405 
http://myportal  Default http://myportal  Internet  Extranet 

any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks a lot
My guess would be the additional directory reference.
All your other entries are redirections to just a domain.
Just a guess mind you, I am not familiar with WSS 3.
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