Finding directories from a list (case-insensitive)

1st off, I started looking into using Perl just a few days ago.  So I'm quite the noob at all of this.  My boss really wants me to use Perl,  so here I am.

I need to check to see if certain sub directories exist by comparing them to a list of possible names.

Users might change the case or abbreviate certain parts of the directory from the standard name.
So dir_one might end up being named Dir_one, dir_ONE, DIR_ONE or even dir_1....
( I can handle the dir_1 case as an exception later in the code it that helps)

My results should be a list of valid directories as well as having a list of missing directories.
I've currently borrowed some code from Colin that checks two arrays and returns duplicates and differences:

% perl -Mstrict -Mwarnings
sub find_dups($$){
  my %hash1 = map { $_=>1 } @{+shift};
  return grep { $hash1{$_} }  @{+shift};

print join(', ', find_dups([qw(a c d e f g h)], [qw(g f b e)])), "\n";

Gives => g, f, e

And this one that finds differences:

sub find_uniques($$){
  my %hash1 = map { $_=>1 } @{+shift};
  my %hash2 = map { $_=>1 } @{+shift};
  my @notin2 = grep { !delete($hash1{$_}) } keys(%hash2);
  return @notin2, keys(%hash1);
print join(', ', find_uniques([qw(a c d e f g h)], [qw(g f b e e e e)])), "\n";
    Which returns b, h, a, c, d as expected.

I need to have something that ignore case in the compare but save the valid names at the end.


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sub find_dups($$){
  my %hash1 = map { (lc) =>1 } @{+shift};
  return grep { $hash1{+lc} }  @{+shift};

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ISGDudeAuthor Commented:
OK that works.. which leads me to more noob issues

print join(', ', find_dups([qw(a c d e f g h)], [qw(G F d e)])), "\n";
prints out "d G F"  

@list1 = qw(a c d e f g h);
@list2 = qw(G F d e) ;
print join(', ', find_dups(   @list1, @list2   ), "\n";
returns nothing...????

Also, I'd like to capture the results into an array or string.  
I seem to be having trouble there too.

(These are the last add-on questions, I promise)

print join(', ', find_dups(  \@list1,\ @list2   ), "\n";
print join(', ', find_dups(  [@list1], [@list2]   ), "\n";
$result = join(', ', find_dups([qw(a c d e f g h)], [qw(G F d e)]));
print $result,"\n";
perldoc -q intersection
perldoc -q duplicate
perldoc perldata
perldoc perlsub
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