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How to purge database

I have reached my 4GB limit on the XE database, and when I try to delete data from a table I get error messages about the limit of 4GB.

I have now dropped several schemas, but the limit is still exceeded.

How do I purge the database to release the space previously held by the other schemas?

At the moment I can)t even drop a table, or empty a table without getting the error message:

ORA-12952: The request exceeds the maximum allowed database size of 4 GB

Thanks for help,

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It seems that I dont have the latest version of XE on the computer, the version no is on the Screen, but I in my local documentation it says that I can only look at the tablespaces and how much space they have used, there is no mention of compacting or any of that which is written in the documentation that I see when I follow you link.

Should I upgrade the version to the new XE?
There is no link to any tasks for example...
The version of the database is  Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Beta
definitelly you have  to use the latest version of Oracle XE.
The Starter versions are not completete and also have more then enough bugs.