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Sharepoint Services not sending email outside domain

Hi Experts,
I've installed Sharepoint Services 2007 (WSS 3) on a Windows 2003 server that is operating in an internet environment (as opposed to intranet). It is installed in "farm" mode although the SQL Server 2005 software is on the same box as the Sharepoint front-end. This machine is also hosting several other small non-Sharepoint websites on different IP addresses. The sharepoint web application is running on I'm using just the basic WIndows authentication, i.e. Local Users on the WIndows 2003 server.

I have Microsoft SMTP installed and running although I am not using it for That is running off of a easy-to-use Email Server program provided free by my ISP, called Smarter Email 4. This was installed way before Sharepoint and its working fine for plus 3 other domains.

When I configured Sharepoint to use "" as its SMTP server it immediately found this server and at first I though"Outgoing Email" was OK. But now I realize it can only send email to email addresses within the "" domain. Thinking this was a relay problem, I set Smarter Email to relay mail from "All Local Domains" but it still didn't work. Then I set Smarter Email to relay mail from ANY domain, and it still didn't work. I then reset Smarter Email to not relay mail since neither of these worked but now I'm stumped!

In Sharepoint there in nothing to configure except the name of the SMTP server and the name of the FROM account, which is working because when I send email alerts to everything is fine. However, when I send email alerts to, they never arrive.

The Microsoft Planning documents only talk about using IIS SMTP service for outgoing email, which I assume is a simplification, since I can't see how Sharepoint can REQUIRE using IIS SMTP since SMTP is a generic service.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I really love Sharepoint so far, especially workflows, but I've got to get it working for email addresses outside or it will be completely useless!

Thanks in advance,


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I had a similar problem with Sharepoint that I resolved by changing the FROM address in Sharepoint to the actual FROM address of a real mailbox on my mail server.

So as a test, maybe put YOUR email address in the SP config just to see if it works then?
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I realize that the problem WAS a relay problem. I set my SmarterEmail to allow relay for local domains but FORGOT TO STOP AND START THE SERVICE when testing. ARGHH! So that's the answer to my question. . .
I answered it myself!
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