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How do I connect 2 PCs, to share Internet. One of them is Windows Vista and it is connected to Internet through an ADSL USB modem. The other has XP as OS. I've connected them with a RJ 45 twisted cable but I can't get any response from one PC when I issue a ping command from the other one.
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Harry_TrumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you connecting the XP system directly to the Vista system?  If so, you'll need a crossover cable to establish the link.  Or, you could get a router/switch and setup the connection through that unit (using standard CATx cables).  What type of setup did you have in mind, specifically?
PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simplest way is to have router though.
flames1100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with the router/switch idea.  Also, besides the crossover issue, if you had the one PC working on USB for Internet and was trying to get the other one to work while hooked directly to the other PC, then you would need to enable Internet sharing to that USB connection for the other PC.  I have found it to be more hassle than it's worth, though, so I definately recommend the suggestions of Punky and Harry.  One note...if your DSL modem has a router in it, then you can get by with just a switch most likely, but if not, you may need a router (with built-in switch is handy) to get the functionality you need (like passing username and password to the ISP).
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your DSL modem ONly has USB, then the easiest thing is to replace it with one that supports an ethernet jack (RJ 45 ) instead of USB connection.

Trying to share via USB is going to require the ICA setup and can be very problematic.

I hope this helps !
Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
A lot depends on the modem you're using and what's built into it.
Most modems are standalone with regard to making the connection - or they can be.  So making the connection should not be an issue for any of the computers.

Beyond that, most modems will have a DHCP capability that will provide more than one address.  So that takes care of addresses and domain name service.

The ethernet interface is preferred over USB.  Assuming all the above is what you have then the next step is this:

- is there but one or more than one Ethernet port on the modem?  If more than one then it includes a switch and you can plug all the computers into it.  If only one then you need to add a switch or could add a router if you want to have wireless.

- if the modem doesn't provide its own connection setup then a router is the way to go.  It will act as the "computer" that's making the connection happen.

If the modem does most of the things above and you happen to add a router instead of a switch then a simple thing to do is to only use the switch part of the router.  This means don't use the WAN/internet port at all and plug everything including the modem into the LAN ports.  Then there's no address translation and probably DHCP should be turned off unless you know what you want and why.
NestorioAuthor Commented:
The modem has only 2 connectors: 1- USB connection (to the computer) and 2- telephone line connection.

So, if I understand, there is no way to configurate a network unless I got a router. I have a switch but how can I connect it to the USB modem?

Thanks for your responses.
If you don't have a network jack, you won't be able to with that modem.  You can do the Internet Connection sharing, but it seems slow.  If you can get another modem, that would be good (one with the network jack).  If not, depending on what your setup is with your ISP, you might be able to get a router that would allow you to skip the modem altogether.  I used to do that, but I haven't tried it in years.
Let's just say that with a USB modem it makes things very difficult to do sharing. Ask your provider for an Ethernet Modem, or but one cheap ( possibly with a router and 4 ports ) off of ebay.

I hope this helps !

NestorioAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'm going to try your advices.

Thanks for your help.
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