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Move single Outlook email account from one XP Profile to another w/o changing other accts

snkama95 asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-31
I have already seen a similar question posted here but it did not quite answer my situation.

I have multiple XP profiles on my Laptop (which has XP Pro).  Each one has Outlook configured for different email accounts so that neither one is a duplicate of the other.  In addition, each profile also has multiple email accounts within each Outlook configuration.

I am interested in moving only one email account from Say Profile A (which contains say 4 email accounts) and moving it over to Profile B (which contains say three email accounts).

I anticipate that backing up and restoring a PST will  somehow come into play.  How can I do this without overwriting the existing PST in B?  Unfortunately, I need to have two particular email accounts located in the one location.
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I am a little concerned about this approach.  I had considered doing something along these lines.

My concern is that I have multiple email accounts under profile A and other unrelated email accounts under profile B.

There is only a single email account with which I am interested in moving from A to B.  Bringing over the entire PST file scares me because I am afraid that I will run the risk of overriding all of the existing email accounts in profile B, if this makes any sense.

The PST files don't contain the email account settings.  They only include the email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes.  If you don't need to bring the mail, then don't copy the PST file.  All you would do is delete that email account setting from Profile A and manually add it to Profile B.


I have not come back to this question in some time, but I came up with an idea that perhaps some one can comment on.

What if I simply made a backup copy of the PST file, renamed it, and copied it into my other ID.

Then log into the ID and delete all of the email accounts that I do not want, saving the one(s) that I do.  What that make sense?

Here is an article that may give you some more info.  It describes how to export specific email folders or copy the entire PST file as well as other items of interest: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287070

I still don't understand what your main objective is.  Are you interested in moving email or just the email account settings which includes incoming & outgoing servers and account username & password?  If you are just moving account settings it's easier to just write down the info and create it new in the other profile.  If you want to just copy some of the email folders follow the steps in the article above.  PST files don't contain email account settings.
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