forwarding email to mail enabled contact

I have a mail enabled contact which I am using to forward mail to from an exchange box. When I send an email to the exchange user I can see the message in the box, but the contact user never receives it. I tested  the contact by sending a message from within an exchange user (selecting the contact from the GAL) but contact user never receives that message either. I am not seeing any errors, but not sure what the problem could be...

thank you
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Do you see anything in the Event logs on the server indicating a warning or anything at all?  You may need to increase logging levels (from server properties in ESM > Diagnostic logging tab) to get more details.  

Other questions:
Are they mail enabled contacts?  
Do you see any messages stuck in your mail queues (check through ESM)

larrystewartAuthor Commented:
I am not seeing any messages in the event logs. I will check the logging properties to see if I can add more detail. As far as mail enabled, I created the contacts, used the external smtp address. I can see the contacts in the GAL with the external address as the email address. What else to I need to confirm?

It sounds like you have the contacts setup correctly.  I'd just check your queues and make sure nothing is getting stuck in a queue somewhere.  Increase diagnostic logging and see if you come up with any errors or information that will help diagnose the problem.
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larrystewartAuthor Commented:
Good call, I do see the queues holding the messages. What steps do I take to get them released?
What queue are the messages in, we need to find out why they are being held in the queue.  If you want to try something quick to release them, try restarting the following Services (From administrative tools > Services):

1. Microsoft Exchange Routing Service
2. Microsoft Exchange MTA
3. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

After restarting those services, if the messages are still in the queue, check your event log and see if you find any indication of why they are in the queue.  If you turn up diagnostic logging under "MS Exchange Transport" and then restart the services, you should see some indication of whats going on.  However, simply restarting the services may allow the queues to clear.  

Best wishes
larrystewartAuthor Commented:
I have adjusted the logging to maximum, restarted the services, but I am not seeing any errors related to the queues in question. I still see the messages in the queue. Queue's state goes form active to retry.
And are you positive you have the SMTP Address of the contacts typed correctly in the contact e-mail address tab?  I"m surprised there isn't anything helpful in the event logs, are you checking under application events?  

Exchange is probably having a hard time connecting to the external system, or it could be a ISP issue.  Are you able to send other external message out of this exchange server?
larrystewartAuthor Commented:
This is the first mail enabled contact we have used on the server. We are able to process all other Outbound email. We have set up mail enabled contacts on other servers and have not experienced any issues.
Which queue are the messages sitting in?  do you have any SMTP connectors?
larrystewartAuthor Commented:
They are queued under the default smtp virtual server. Under connectors, there are no SMTP connectors configured.
Getting some logging going for Exchange is going to be the key to finding the answer.  You need to re-check your diagnostic logging options on the server properties in ESM and make sure all the logging for MS Exchange Transport is at maximum, and you could also take a poke around and make sure any other logging options for transport, NDR, etc are enabled for max.  Then force a retry on the queue or restart the MTA, routing engine and SMTP services again and see if you get anything in the event log.
larrystewartAuthor Commented:
Alright, got some error messages related to the connection. this is cut directly form the event log.

Message delivery to the host '' failed while delivering to the remote domain  '' for the following reason: The connection was dropped by the remote host.
Ok, this sounds more like a problem with the recipients mail system.   Possible causes are:

1. They have a spam filter that is blocking for you one of any number of reasons
2. Their mail server is doing a reverse lookup and you are missing PTR records in your DNS zone for your e-mail domain.
3. They could be doing some kind of blocklist lookup, such as RBL, and your public IP could be on a blacklist.  You can go to or to check for spam blacklists as the cause (enter your public IP).

If you can send mail to other outside accounts, and its just this one recipient or even several recipients at the same e-mail domain, then its probably one of the above reasons.

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