Hardware Fingerprint (HFP)

I installed a piece of 3rd party software and am registering it now for unlimited use.  After I made the purchase online, I received an email telling me to send my Hardware Fingerprint (HFP) to the software organization in order to receive the unlock key.

Where do I find my Hardware Fingerprint (HFP) on my Windows XP / IBM Laptop ??
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CaseybeaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By the way--  USUALLY, hardware fingerprints are actually displayed by the software you have.   For example, you can usually display the hardware fingerprint in the "trial" version of the software you have (and then, you send the profile to the vendor, they then email you a permanent license).

Typically, a hardware fingerprint for a windows machine is an 8-character code, usually looks something like this:   1C93-E235

Maybe you saw this when you installed the trial software?   Maybe it's available in that software under "Help..  About"..   or..?
What is the 3-rd party software?  (Will help me determine what this really is)
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