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How to Migrate Windows 2000 Advanced Server to Windows 2003 Standard Server

I want to upgrade my domain to AD 2003, but since i know an inplace upgrade from Windows 2000 Advanced Server to Windows 2003 Standard is not allowed, what would be the best steps to follow to upgrade my architecture? The End result should be to run Windows 2003 native in the same box as Windows 2000 Advanced server is running as we speak.
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Install 2000 server on another PC... Transfer roles to it, replicate. Demote current DC, install 2K3 on it, Run Adprep, promote it, Transfer roles to it, Demote temp server.

I would suggest not using the same name/IP address after installing 2K3 but you can as long as you clean everything up nicely ahead of time.

Just make sure all your Information is there before demoting the current one.
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And be sure to run a full backup before starting. ;)
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Another question before i proceed with this, is there a way of renaming a domain? For some reason the IT guys before me thought it was a good choice to name their domain with a instead of XXXXXX.local.  Is there any way of renaming this? or simply forget and run both domains simultaneoutly until i move everyone to the new one? Suggestions please.   thanks for the other replies! valid ideas.. keep them flowing.  :D
This should also work with Windows 2000 Active Directory, right?
Nope. You can't change the name until you upgrade and raise the domain functional level to 2003.