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Login control logs in, but user does not stay logged in.

I have a VS2005 ASP.NET Login control that I am using. I log in using the control, it redirects me to a page within the following folder...

<location path="secure/forms">
                        <allow roles="Director, Manager, Supervisor, Superintendent, Admin"/>
                        <deny users="?"/>

The user I am logging in with has the roles "Director, Admin, User". When the login control redirects me to the page, the page redirects me to the login page, and the login view says I am not logged in. Any ideas on how I can make the user stay logged in after logging in?
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1 Solution
Do you call the setAuthCookie if you are using Cookies

FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(string username,bool createPersistentCookie)

addicktzAuthor Commented:
I tried SetAuthCookie, and I get the same results =[
addicktzAuthor Commented:
Membership.Validate(Logincontrol.username, Logincontrol.password) returns true, but the user doesnt seem to really ever be logged in, Any ideas why it wouldn't work, or a work around would be greatly appreciated it.

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