SQL Server Clients Fail to Disconnect


Running SQL2005, SP2.  Checking connection status using Management | View Processes.

Users show connected long after they disconnect, even after they completely shut down their computer.  

I use refresh to refresh the Process View, but those connections are actually still there.

I can kill them, and then they're gone.  But why are they hanging on after the client has clearly disconnected?

Any theories?
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Yep, when they do not 'sign off' nicely, but just terminate their connection, SQL Server will keep the spid alive for a certain amount of time. So the problem is with the app they are using. Make sure the connection object is nicely destroyed in the code and this won't happen anymore.

... I assume that there is a client-server app here. When you are using a app-app server-sql server architecture, then it's a whole different story. Then you might be facing a connection pool ... but reading your Q, I would say it's the client-SQL Server architecture here ...

Hope this helps ...
Specific to my situation -- but may help you in the right direction -- I recently had same problem with one user -- tracked it back to his Ethernet cable was stretched to the max so that he occasionally got disconnected.  Recommended he replace his cord with a retractable one.

Is it a connection from SSMS or another app?
gateguardAuthor Commented:
It's a connection from an application.  Interesting ideas.  I'm going to experiment with re-creating this myself.
Glad I could be of any help and thanks for the grade !
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