Multihome XP problem

I have a XP workstation PC -  multihomed with the following two interfaces
interface Eth0 going to a Cisco PIX
interface Eth1 internal network < treat this as a private IP network - Long story - were
phasing out network. I have File maker pro connected to  I can only connect when
I disable the ETH0 interface.  Both interfaces have the metrics set to auto.

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Adrien de CroyCommented:
this is a classic case of the problems encountered when you use a default gateway setting to access internal networks via an internal router.  As soon as you get another internet connection, you get another default route, which takes priority over the one you were relying on to get to your internal network.  So you lose access to those other internal networks.

You'll need to remove the default gateway setting from the internal adapter, and also manually add routes to the route table to replace it.

Use the route add command to add back a specific subnet route for your internal route.
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Can you enable both adapters, do a "route print" from the command prompt, and paste the results here?
If there is only one subnet connected to if (206.197.70.x) make sure that Eth1 does NOT have a default gateway set.

That should work

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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Hey guys, it may or may not be that easy. When you're dealing with "connected" routes then the default gateway shouldn't come in to play as you will get a more specific match than the default. That's why I wanted to see the routing table.

AlamoIronWorks, are you still having issues? Can you give us an update?
Adrien de CroyCommented:
if he had specific routes, then you're right, DG wouldn't come into play, however the fact that it stops working when he connects the second one is a really clear indication that he's using a DG on the other adapter to access internal networks... i've seen it more times over the last 12 years than I can possibly count.
dont use the same subnet.

Or at least change your MASK
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