Zero Size Reply Error Php Command Line Usage

I have an email attachment parse script that runs if the email account is empty, but if there is an attachment it prints to the browser "Zero Size Error" ??? similar in appearance to "Page Not Found".

I may need to run php command line from the folder and see how the script is erroring. I don't know how to use command line so if there is an ULTRA basic/beginner  tutorial you can point me to also that would be great.
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-Thespian-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Tutorial is here:

Your Zero error can be, because script doesn't determine the attachment properly, and than when it try to calculate the size - it is zero.
AtDevAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for that explanation ...

I have a script on that this ZERO ERROR appears and can't seem to work out why, can you help?

Much appreciated!
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