Two HP printers on one computer via USB?

Is it OK to have two HP printers on one computer (XP) via USB cables? One is a recent model All-in-One (J5760 or something similar) and the other is the hp Photosmart 8250. I talked with HP Support and they said the problems we are having with printing part of the first page, then hanging on the first printer and "This Document Failed to Print" (though the document does print eventually) on the Photosmart are related to having two HP's each connected with USB cables on one computer. They said the drivers conflict. I haven't gone through the work of removing one of the printers yet as I wanted to check out other avenues of resolving this.
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curtismjrAuthor Commented:
Problem resolved - it was a two-fold issue. McAfee Virusscan was causing the printer hangs but the All-in-One printer driver was also corrupted. I talked with HP Support some more and they showed me how to use the uninstall on the CD to do a "L3" uninstall and then reinstall.
I switched to  different AV software, also.
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