Windows Server 2000 is hanging when booting up.

We are using a Dell PowerEdge 4600 and have Windows 2000 server installed on it.  It is set up with a Raid 5 config and has about 4 Gig of RAM in it.  The server is acting as our Sage Line 500 server and is serving about 70 users.  The problem with it is that is hanging when we reboot it on the Windows 2000 server screen before it fires the user log on.  The process bar at this screen is getting to 100% but then thats as far as we get.  There is network connectivity there as I can ping the server but cannot browse to any files on the server.  I have a backup of the DB off the server which is 2 days old so obviously I don't want to have to resort to that.  Can anyone offer any help, I have tried to reboot the server in safe mode but it seems to hang as well.  Nothing has changed on the server but a fellow worker was using it earlier and it became unresponsive and he pulled the power so I'm really worried about the con sequences of that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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>>>Pulled the plug


Well you could try running a memtest to see if you have a bad memory stick. also the PowerEdge comes with utility cd that allow you to run various test on the installed hardware i would suggest running does tests before trying to revert to a back up.
Bradley HaynesCommented:
Kill the network connection and reboot into F8 and see if the Option 'Last know good configuration' clears this up. else you need to do a restore - - - boo hiss hiss - - -
Another nice thing you can do for that OS Series is to F8 and choose the option to create a bootlog.txt file.  This will create a deatiles log of everything that tries to load right up until explorere.exe is launched and stablized.  If the hang is still occurring after creating the file, F8 again and choose safe mode command prompt.  Once there, go to the root of the boot drive and execute a command line:
attrib -r -h -s bootlog.txt
this will allow you to see it and view the contents.  Scroll to the bottom of the file and you will see exactly what is causing the hang.  Depending upon the error, you may need to post an update here.  I have also seen this with some orphaned file fragments.  While in cmd mode, scandsik /f the boot drive.
Pulling the plug is likely the cause of your current problems, it's really an absolute last resort and often used far too quickly.  When you pull the plug, you lose anything in the system's RAM, anything in the RAID controller's cache, and anything in the disk drives' caches.  The result of losing this data is often file corruption, and depending on which file you can totally hose your system.

Since you're running a RAID array, you might want to try booting the server, going into the RAID controller's BIOS, and manually starting a rebuild of the array.  Once this is done, see if you can boot the server back up.  If you can't, give "last known configuration" a shot.  If that fails, try booting to an OS disc, then running the system repair from there, it'll replace the system files with good copies from the CD and also fix any registry corruption that exists.

If all that fails, let us know and what the details on the current situation are (where it's hanging, if you're getting error messages, etc).
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