crystal reports XI - how to filter the contents of a dynamic combo box in a parameter field


i have 2 fields in seperate tables

one is employee surnames - f_employ.sname

the other is their category - f_cat.value

i set up a parameter field ?name, which is dynamically populated from f_employ.sname, no problem, and i can then base a select record formula on that, get the drop down box, select my name(s) and away we go - so far, so good

the difficulty arises because f_employ.sname contains about 200 values and i am only actually interested in those where the equivalent f_cat.value = 1.0

i can't find a way to limit the drop down box to only those f_employ.sname values that have a corresponding f_cat.value of 1.00 (the 2 tables are linked with an inner join BTW)

does that make sense as a question ?

anyone able to help ??

ta !
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You could use a COMMAND for the drop down.

SELECT f_employ.sname
FROM  f_employ inneR JOIN f_cat on f_employ.LinkField = f_cat.LinkField
WHere f_cat.value = 1.0

babysnakeAuthor Commented:
sounds promising :)

the drop down box is automatically created when i use
f_employ.sname={?name} as a record select formula so that when i refresh the report i then pick from the drop down

where do i enter your command code ?
babysnakeAuthor Commented:
i've moved on a bit now in that i can derive the exact list of names i need from f_employ.sname formulaically :)

what i now need then is to use that formula to populate a parameter drop down such that it can be used to allow end-users as record selection criteria
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Is this a Crystal parameter box or an application?

babysnakeAuthor Commented:
it's a crystal parameter box

i'm linked to a SQL DB using CR XI and the tables/fields all relate to that one DB

i can't access the DB any other way, and i don't have Server or Enterprise !
The command code is entered in the database expert.

babysnakeAuthor Commented:

will have a 'play' over the weekend and get back

babysnakeAuthor Commented:
couldn't make it work as you suggested mlmcc but i did come up with a workaround

i have seperate report that generates the list i need which i export to excel

then i link that XLS to my main report and base the dynamic parameter on those values

not 100% automatic, but it means updating the list is fairly quick when i have to do it

thanks anyway for your time

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