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I have a client who has a canvas printing business that will allow customers to his website to upload images to be printed out on a canvas medium. He current doesn't have a shopping cart but one of his requirements is that the shopping cart software allows the customer to upload the image they wish to reproduce, then once they go to checkout, there chosen product is displayed along with a thumbnail of the uploaded image be included in the shopping cart display.

He has given me this competitor's website as an example of how he'd like his shopping cart to be like:

I've tried to see if this shopping cart software could be identified through the code on the pages, but no luck. Does anyone know of a shopping cart software that has the functionality he's looking for? Thank you for your attention to my client's issue.
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I dont think you will find 1 off the shelf product to do the two things needed here, but two systems added&

First you need a way to uploads image to a server then generate it as a product ready to pass to a shopping cart.  You can do this with any server side language such as ColdFusion or ASP.NET  etc. there are also many example on the web how to do this. You may want to go one step better and built a flash app that builds it live.

Second you need a shopping cart, which allows you to add the product generated, then take payment and check and sort orders ready for printing. will do all of this, its free, and for a small fee can be customised. You can add almost any payment gateway (to take payments live).
thank you for the points
I have this same question, but this answer is from 2007.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of any new or updated shopping cart software that has this feature.  We want them to be able to upload an image, and choose options for printing.

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