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QuickBooks 2007/08 restricted user problem

Elthamtech asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I am running QuickBooks 2007/08 on Windows XP workstations in a school environment. I was wondering if anyone has found a work-around for the restricted user problem. Whenever you try to use the program under a restricted user it says you need 'Standard User Rights'. It is impossible to give our 1500 students standard user rights! I found a work-around for the previous version by giving the students full access to the QuickBooks folders and a couple of obvious registry keys, but I haven't had any luck with this new version. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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" 'Standard User Rights'. It is impossible to give our 1500 students standard user rights!"

You are FIGHTING the program.  It is designed for people with ADMIN rights to use Quickbooks, and no one else with lesser rights can edit the database, by design.

Therefore, quickbooks will never work in your environment, because the software assumes that everyone editing the database MUSt have ADMIN rights, and if this is impossible in your enrvironment, then the SW will never work for your.  Call Intuit to confirm the accuracy of what I just told you.


Sage, In the past Intuit have always posted a work-around to this problem. I haven't found one for this version yet though, hence why I'm posting here. We purchased a Secondary Educational Site License, which is designed to be used in a school environment. Instead of giving the users admin rights over the whole workstation, we give them rights over whatever QuickBooks needs, I am just struggling to work out what QuickBooks needs with this version.
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