CMS for Business/Retail Sites?

I've done some research and I can't come up with a clear answer. Is CMS (Drupal) good for small business retail sites where products change daily?

We don't need to build communities. Or forums. Or blogs. We don't need feedback from users. We want to show products with pictures, prices, and other information. We want full-featured search/filters. We want to customize our layout. We want to add controls and forms to build handy filters. We don't want to deal with a clumsy API.

I have nothing to do with this site but here's an example of the type of site we are building.  Our site will get more advanced than this, with a page that will let someone "build" their dream shed and give them pricing and "similar pictures" to view. In Drupal?????

All my research shows Drupal would be poor for this type of site. I'd rather build it with ASP and an Access database if I need to.

Now somebody help me out and give me some really good reasons to use a CMS. Or just agree with my current opinion.
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Jason ThompsonConnect With a Mentor Senior UX DesignerCommented:
I'm in the process of implementing a Drupal site, and it's core is not designed for commerce, though there are commerce modules.  Drupal is a perfect blogging platform, and great for sharing content development responsibilities.  Drupal is also PHP and CSS-based, so you should be comfortable with those if you plan to do a lot of customization.

You could use Drupal or another CMS in conjunction with an open source shopping system like OSCommerce.  If you don't plan on having a lot of content collaboration, Drupal is probably not your best option.

Here's an article that compares OSCommmerce to Drupal and Mambo's cart modules:

For speedy development, I would go with what you know.  If that's ASP and MS Access, especially if you're the one that will be responsible for maintaining it in the future, go with those.  I'm sure you can find an open source ASP cart system that will get you started.  But pigmentarts is right that a PHP/MySQL solution would be much better for flexibility.

Hope this helps!
What about Joomla (
pigmentartsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have no knowledge of Drupal, but such a site you state, NEEDS a content management system of some sort, how could you ever keep things up to date? I am not a fan of any system which forces control, but backend management for large sites, database etc via a good CMS is a must!  

Quote: "I'd rather build it with ASP and an Access database if I need to."

MS access database is NOT the right choice for a web based system. MS Access was not created for this sort of thing. MYSQL, MS SQL much better.  What every language you do  use i.e. PHP ASP.NET and Coldfusion have lots of free open source content management systems you could customise to your needs.  Off the shelf CMSs although very powerful and not customised for everyones possible needs, and unless open source you have very little control over what you can and cannot customise.
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HKComputerAuthor Commented:
>>If you don't plan on having a lot of content collaboration, Drupal is probably not your best option.<<

That's the answer I was wanting. When I look at Drupal it looks like it's designed for Blogs and similar sites.

It's true that ASP and MS Access are not the best option for any site. I may be using PHP/MySQL instead when I actually build this site.

I agree that a site like this will need CMS. But it seems there's lots of people pointing to Drupal/Joomla when it's really not the best option for a business type site. I've designed my own content management for sites already and I find it easier to just build the little bit of content management that I need instead of trying to use something like Drupal.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
Cool.  Don't forget to assign points!

Mmmm, points.

thanks for the points HKComputer, hope everything goes well.
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