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SQL Server multiple database update.

I have a SQL Server running with several databases on it.

One database runs the application sofware, the other runs the web application.  However, I have data in one databse table that needs to be updated on the other database on a particular its updated.  

Can this be done and how?
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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> its updated.  
you will need a trigger on the table that get's updated, to "replicate" the change to the other database/table.

do you need help with the syntax? what are the tables/changes to be done?
yes it can be done

you can write a trigger on your SOURCE database-table and in that trigger write the insert statement that will have the other database table name as

insert into dbname.dbo.tablename. (colnames) values(the values)

you can get the values in the TRIGGER using the INSERTED command...this object will have the current record thatis inserted...let me know if you need the syntax also...give me the field names if so...
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  Since you had the first response...

I have a table that will have at most 3 fields that need to get updated on the other table.

Both tables have an ID that is the same (It's been manually input but I HAVE written a stored procedure that does the input now using a datasource)

When this table is updated, it's done so on an aspx page with vb behind that calles a stored procedure.

I need to update AT THE END of the SP the other table with (something like)

update db2.tbl1


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