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Regex for numeric check

The below only works if the number isn't negative or have decimals.  How would I modify it to handle such?

if (Regex.IsMatch(MyString, @"^\d+$"))
  Console.WriteLine(MyString + " is numeric");
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      Assuming that you don't care about IEEE notations like "NaN" or "Infin-
       ity", you probably just want to use a regular expression.

          if (/\D/)            { print "has nondigits\n" }
          if (/^\d+$/)         { print "is a whole number\n" }
          if (/^-?\d+$/)       { print "is an integer\n" }
          if (/^[+-]?\d+$/)    { print "is a +/- integer\n" }
          if (/^-?\d+\.?\d*$/) { print "is a real number\n" }
          if (/^-?(?:\d+(?:\.\d*)?|\.\d+)$/) { print "is a decimal number\n" }
          if (/^([+-]?)(?=\d|\.\d)\d*(\.\d*)?([Ee]([+-]?\d+))?$/)
                               { print "a C float\n" }