Intranet Messaging VB.NET 2005

Not sure where to start with this...
I have VB.NET 2005 and I want to create an intranet messaging program.  For example, if I wanted to talk to somebody at such and such IP, I would have the program on that PC and mine and we could send messages back and forth.
Is such a thing even possible?  Are there any resources out there to help me get started?
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Ashish PatelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We call it socket programming using, please search for some sample on google and you should get few.
adwooley2Author Commented:
Socket programming.  OK - that's a good start. Thanks.
fmonroyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, System.Net.Sockets.Socket is the way you can start.
You can set a socket listening on a specific port at every station, and when someone sends a message, its "client" connects to that port at the "server"; then send the information using network streams.

You need to mantain the IP address list at each client, unless you create a broadcast scenario to "discover" stations running your messenger.
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