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Dear Experts,
My friend has a problem with his laptop computer. The computer is a Toshiba Satellite Laptop
running Windows Vista (not sure which Vista edition). When he turns it on, the computer will immediately show the words 'Enter Password' and a small blue box below. Unfortunately, he does not know the password, and cannot log onto Vista. I tried accessing the computer's boot menu (pressing F12), but this is also blocked by the same 'Enter Password' message. Could you please assist with this problem as my friend has some picture on this laptop which are rather special to him?

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Nick DennyCommented:
This sounds like the bios password.
Although, there is a setting in the bios where you would add this so I have no idea how it would suddenly become active.
However, try the password "Toshiba" which has reportedly worked on Toshiba laptops.
Also have a look here:
Definitley sounds more like the bios password, vista password box doesnt look anything like what you are describing.  Is there anyone that might of set the bios, as it is a setting you need to change for it to automatically turn on when you turn your computer on.  If there is anyone that might of set it that would be the best bet as it is a big pain to reset it especially on a laptop.

If you are positive you lost it then there are a couple options, depending on your model there might be a jumper on the motherboard somewhere where it will disable or even clear the password to the bios if the jumper is changed but of course that envovles opening up the laptop.  

Another option which i found online that appeard to work for a bunch of people in your same position with toshibas. is:
To make a device that you connect to your parallell port, a lot of Toshiba computers remove the password when you boot it up. The device, named "loopback" ,could be made out of any parallell wire with 25pins connectors (db25). Connect these pins: 1-5-10, 2-11, 3-17, 4-12, 6-16, 7-13, 8-14, 9-15, 18-25

Of course this would rquire that your laptop have a parallell port, if the laptop is newer it might not have one, what model is your laptop?
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OK, sorry, I'll do it the next time.
Use taylorludwig's suggestion on the loopback for the parallel port.
IMSComputersAuthor Commented:
We have tried  to disable BIOS battery, but it doesn't seem to work .
I found a company online that was selling a USB device similar to the Parralel loopback but it was for a ridiculous price and not an option.
The laptop is a Toshiba A200.
Any other possible solutions?
I read a forum in my search that had a user with the exact same problem. He had to fight his way through toshiba to get a password from them.
That toshiba has a parallel port doesnt it? I dont even thing there is a master password toshiba could give you to reset it.  

Taking out the bios batter wont help because the password is stored on a chip which doesnt require power.  There is a jumper to reset it but a lot of laptops dont have it, so you can check and maybe get lucky.  

Really the only solution at this point is the parallel loopback cable, following the directions of which wires to cross you can easily make one.  Any local computer store will have some, go to a place that does pc repairs.  You can even try asking them to cut up the cable and cross the wires for you if you're not sure how to.
Nick DennyCommented:
With older Toshiba laptops you could bypass the BIOS password if the left shift key is held down during boot.
This may still work ......
Failing this - you could take the hard drive out from the laptop and slave it to another system.
IMSComputersAuthor Commented:
we ended up sending it back to toshiba.
The laptop didnt have a parralel port only usb.
The customer figured it was better to send it back to them.
also we had another laptop in recently that had a bios password by default. even though the manufacturer said they dont put them on.
Strange since when resetting the bios to defaults it still had the password. and im pretty sure that most bios resets. do get rid of passwords unless they are standard on the bios..
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