best practice for multilanguage application development in .net

Hi, I am wondering about how to develop a multi language application, that all the message text, error text, etc... would be changed easily according to language selection of user. Then application need to read current language configuration variable if it is not set it must be check regional settings.   What .net 2.0 offers for this purpose. I think to put all the words and phase to a database is cost much and be slower. Could this thing would be placed in a resource file. And then how to reach them in program. If you know what real world big programs do for that write it here.
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have any experience with globalization and localization ?
Keep in mind that you'll need the translation of your labels, ... somewhere stored in a database, resource files.
Here are some links that can help you on your way....

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Building Multilingual Web Sites with ASP.NET

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Creating multilingual websites
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