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admin rights on 2003 server

I am the administrator of our server, I have a login id, I make myself a member of the admin group. Now, if I login as Administrator I can do anything, such as download and install programs when I am logged on a client pc, but if I log on, it will not let me install programmes etc, even though I am a member of the admin group!

Any ideas?

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Are you a member of the local admin group or Domain admin group ?

You need to add your useraccount as a member of the "Domain Administrators" group to have admin rights on the domain clients.
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Is the client PC added to the domain.
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I am a member of domain.local/Builtin all the client pc's are a member of the domain
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Brian Pierce
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Sorry it's Administrators domain.local.Builtin and Domain Admins domain.local/Users
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Thanks KCTS.

It was the last comment on the link that you provided that I was after.