Bluetooth sending file from SE P990i to Blackberry curve

Dear all,

i had this weird situation, in fact, this is the first time i encountered such problem for bluetooth connection (but not with these afro mentioned devices).
i tried to send file from SE P990i to BB curve (RIM), they do the pairing, everything gone smoothly, until when it ready to send file, it said "Couldnt connect" just as short as that.
So, does anyone know any issue about this and the best solution? fyi, i have updated SE P990i firmware to the newest as well as the BB curve device software
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InvincibleShieldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, try sending files to and from your sony ericsson and another device (idealy the nokia - which we know works) to see if maybe it is not a blackberry issue but a sony ericsson issue.
Have you set the pairing option for the SE P990i in the blackberry to "Trust:Yes" instead of "Ask"?
Hello. Blackberry devices are not built to transfer files. In fact, they are built NOT to transfer files. This makes them popular with corperate/government customers, because it means they are more secure, and more difficult to hack.

There is no way to send or receive most items via bluetooth on blackberry - bluetooth is mainly used to connect things like bluetooth headsets, and to connect to a computer. You cannot even send contacts.
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All right I took a look into the blackberry knowledge base,, and I found you an article on bluetooth features.

Sending files and contacts is not in the list. I didn't really want to provide this vague link - I was hoping to find an article on what is NOT supported by blackberry, but I couldnt find any. You may be able to look one up if you type in the exact error message (if any) you are getting from your blackberry. Good luck!
supervsrAuthor Commented:
But the weird part is it could send and receive without any problem with Nokia E61. Do you know what happened here InvicibleShield?
I can help you isolate the issue by trying to replicate the problem you are having. I need to know a few things:
-Are you sending it from your blackberry or receiving it?
-What are you sending (what type of file)?
-Was it the same type of file you were sending or receiving from your Nokia?

If you tell me this I'll do a couple tests and see if I can solve your problem.
Thanks for accepting my answer!
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