How can I make google show subresults of my website


I need to make sub results of my website to be shown by google like when you search for Toyota: 
have a look at the first result and you'll understand what I meant.

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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"How can I make google show subresults of my website?"

You can't MAKE Google do anything :)

Google calls these 'sitelinks'.  This is not something you have direct control over.  Based on their evaluation of your site, Google will show sitelinks in response to a specific query if they feel they will assist the searcher in finding the information they are seeking.  As pigmentarts notes above, they primarily appear with larger sites where there is some substantive branding (ie. Toyota, Sony, etc.) and much less frequently with smaller sites, though you can expect it to expand in the future.

You can find Google's more expansive explanation here:
psyclown-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That is not possible, since it is something that google does alogorithmically.
pigmentartsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot, its an algorithm by Google, I see top sites like Sony etc with these sort of results, not very often smaller sites.  I could be wrong but I dont think anyone outside of Google actually knows. sorry.
An update to this -
"Selecting pages to appear as sitelinks is a completely automated process. Our algorithms parse the structure and content of websites and identify pages that provide fast navigation and relevant information for the user's query. Since our algorithms consider several factors to generate sitelinks, not all websites have them.

Now, Webmaster Tools lets you view potential sitelinks for your site and block the ones you don't want to appear in Google search results. Because sitelinks are extremely useful in helping users navigate your site, we don't typically recommend blocking them ..." etc.
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