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Which is the best sites i can contact to host websites.

bsharath asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-14

Which is the best sites i can contact to host websites.

Max space and max monthly transfer.

Is windows or linux hosting good.

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Graham N.Group MD

There are literally hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies, offering Linux and Windows based servers.

Your selection must be based on what platform has been used for your website:

First - Environment
   If it uses ASP or ASP.NET server side scripts relying on MS SQL Server DB then you need Windows Hosting.
   If it uses PHP server side scripts with MySQL DB then you can choose either Windows or Linux Hosting.
   If it uses someother form of server side scripting (Perl/CGI) then you need to check the host supports that.
   If your website does not use any server side scripting then with Windows or Linux.

Second - Speed of connection from your intended audience.
   If you expect the bulk of your website visitors to come from your home region then check the speed from your location
   If you expect your website visitors to come from many points around the world select from Northern US, London or Amsterdam.
   If you are US based select a centrally located hosting providing with good peering partners

Websites use very little space - typically less than 5GB - bandwidth (transfer) for an average website is also low unless you are expecting millions of visitors - and 10's of millions of hits. Most hosting providers have limits well above what is likely to occur - and if you reach those limits then you should be on a dedicated server as opposed to shared hosting anyway.

Remember there is a big difference between being on a "shared" hosting service from being on a "dedicated" server.

Post some more information about the type of website, the platform/operating envrionment it uses, and the number of visitors you expect - the more information you provide the better as this will help give you a more accurate answer.



The website with be of PHP and Sql. The size of the website is say 20 GB.
I expect 1000 hits per day.
The hosting provider has given me 3000GB of transfer rate.Will that be enough or should i ask for more.

One othe q.
If i register the site with a .in ext then will i be able to make it a pay site later.Or is there any restriction?
Graham N.Group MD

Sorry, but what is using 20GB - images or file download?

A 1000 hits per day is small - and on an average website that would equate to less than 200MB total bandwidth over the month - so unless you are offering a "file download" site you really don't need a lot of bandwidth.

If you are operating a file download - then you need to look at the speed of your host's uplink and not only the amount of bandwidth you are allocated. If your hosting provider has not given you a guaranteed uplink speed then your downloads could reduce to a completely impractical level - additionally if you are on an Apache server that is configured for normal browsing as opposed donloads then again you will have problems - and on IIS - the buffer sizes have to be significantly altered to accomodate download sites.

3000GB is very (and I mean very) unusual - the only way a reputable hosting company could provide that level of monthly transfer would be if you are on a dedicated server or high value clustered virtual server configuration. Are you sure this is what you are being allocated?

A shared hosting environment would normall offer 10GB to 30GB monthly transfer, while a Virtual Dedicated Server might go as high as 150GB - but to get to the level of 3000GB would need a dedicated server - if for no other reason than the resources used to deliver that amount of data in "real" life would cripple a shared hosting environment.

Using and TLD (top level domain) regardless of whether its is .in or .uk or .jp etc. does not affect certificates (HTTPS) however you will need to check with your chose certicification source (you should probably look at Thwarte for.in) to enure they issue you with a certificate. Additionally, you need to make sure that the hosting provider is able to implement your certificate and that their servers have passed the various minimum requirements of the credit card companies.



Can you help me in deciding if this is the right choice.


This site which offers 300GB and 3000GB of transfer rate
Graham N.Group MD

The company "ServerSea" do not actually own any servers - they are an "online" only company operating out of Las Vegas in Nevada, USA.  

ServerSea rent server space from a company called "RackForce Hosting Inc" - who are based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. (the east coast of Canada).  You can find this information our by using a combination of Whois on the TLD, then IP addresses.

In turn Rack Force offer dedicated and virtual private servers - which Serversea obviously rent from them - however (and this is the important bit for you) they offer 3Mbps and 10Mbps unlimited bandwidth - which are very slow connections for high traffic servers.

For instance a connection operating at 3Mbps an only process a total 16GB bandwidth in a month - thats a combination of up and down - while a 10Mbps connection can handle 54GB in a month.

So if Serversea have the cheap option (which based on their US$3.79) offering 3000GB bandwidth a month - then the maximum number of site they can accomodate on 1 server would 18 (assuming they have the high speed 10Mbps)  - which in turn means they are only making US$68.22 per server per month - while  the cheapest server from Rack Force is US$99 per month.

What this means is either Serversea are selling at US$31 a month LOSS - or they are going to put a lot more sites on one server - and they do that then those sites are all fighting for the small amount of bandwidth available.

Bottom-line this cheap type of hosting companies tend to disappear just as quickly as they appear - Serversea does not own any hardware - it has no technical support to help you if something goes wrong and even if they did it would take them close on 6 hours to fly to Canada to access the server!

Based on your location - you are better to go for a European based hosting company - and stay with the large companies that will still be around in the years to come. Try http://www.leaseweb.com/ who are based in Amsterdam - or - http://www.webfusion.com/ who are based in the United Kingdom.


Thanks a lot for such clear explanation...I am from India and do you suggest the 2 websites...Do they offer such large space and bandwidth...
Graham N.Group MD

Yes i knew you were in India based on your requirement for a .in TLD - but why do you need such high bandwidth ?

If you are not offering file downloads then you don't need much bandwidth for a website.

If you have very high bandwidth needs then the only way you can guarantee bandwidth is by taking a dedicated server - and that will cost at least US$90 - US$100 a month.

So please confirm that you need file download.?


As i will have 20 GB of data and it is for no download it is only for knowledge sharing .There will be lots of screen shots but dont know how will the hits be to the site...
Can you suggest a site which is best for my requirement.
Its a forum and a knowlege base site.
PHP and Sql
Full of scripts,windows screen shots,links and a forum for disscussion...

I have a Q here i think which you can help...
Group MD
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