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users getting dropped using TS over VPN

fina27 asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-21
I have a terminal server with 12 user licenses. Users are connecting via Cisco VPN client to a PIX 506e then using RDP to connect to the server. When many users connect at one time, users start getting kicked off the terminal session. I'm never actually there when it happens so I'm not sure of the error they get or if the VPN closes or what. My question is, we have around a 331 KB download and 330 KB upload speed. I'm guessing this is a bandwidth issue. Can those download and upload speeds hold 12 VPN client connections without dropping?

NOTE: I have tested the server internally, it sucessfully held 12 users at one time.

Thanks for the help.
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   Hi fina27
         To see if it is bandwidth related or not,
             *Connect to terminal server from 6 clients which has "Disk drives" enabled on local resources options. Your local computers drives will be mapped to terminal server.
            *Copy a 5 MB file to the local computer, by dropping the file to the mapped drive of the local computer in My computer. Do that in all 6 computers
            *Now try to connect more sessions and see if you still can reach 12. If you can't, yes this is related to badnwidth, the upstream.



I'm guessing you mean do this externally. Okay I will try that. But in your opinion, do you think that download/upload speed would hold 12 concurrent VPN sessions with RDP?
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