Can't sync Windows Mobile 6 with Exchange!

I have an Orange E650 and run a Small Business Server network with Exchange 2003 SP2
I have installed Active Sync on a PC and can't sync the device with the phone whilst it is connected by wire.
I have open port 443 & 80 on the router. When I try to sync the device whilst it is not connected, the device won't synchronise.
Any ideas? I don't understand the certificate stuff, maybe thats it. Please explain in simple terms!
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That error means can't find host. Failing to connect to the internet, something like that.
Can you browse from the device? Can you access OMA?


You should post details for the error, including any error coded if you have them. One of the options on the handset is to enable verbose logging for ActiveSync.

As far as certificates are concerned, if you're using a self-signed cert then you'll need to install that on your device. The easiest way to do that is to export it from IE while looking at your own OWA site and copy it onto your phone. Then click on the cert from the phone & install it.

If you're running Vista you'll need to run IE7 as administrator in order to export the cert - but I assume you're running XP since you talk about installing ActiveSync on the PC...
Standard test with Windows Mobile is to try to use OMA, which is a plain text version of OWA.

If you get a certificate prompt then Exchange ActiveSnc will not work.
You would have to export the certificate from SBS and import it in to the device, or you would have to purchase a trusted certificate.

I have a guide to the export/import process here:


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carrgater31Author Commented:
right, I have imported the certificate, sync'd with Active Sync, no problem.

When I try to sync without wire, I receive error "Waiting for network"  Support Code 0x80072EFD

Any ideas chaps?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That error is definitely a certificate issue... Please see for exact instructions that you should follow to deploy this.

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