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Outgoing access rule

Need advice on how to best setup outgoing access from a DMZ when restricting certain ports.  By default I understand that the implicit rule is to allow all traffic to any less secure networks.  As soon as I add any rule in there that is more restrictive the implict rule goes away.  I understand that concept.  Where I'm struggling with is that I want my DMZ servers to be able to have certain access out - such as http, ftp, smtp - but nothing else.  I don't want to do 'any, any' because then access to  the Inside network would be available.  I tried to addres the Outside network - but that didn't work either.  I also tried - via ASDM - to put in 'any less secure networks' - but it wouldn't allow.  How do I best accomplish this?  I'm just a little wary of allowing full access outbound to the internet from the DMZ like the implicit rule specifies - or is that always the way it's done?
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Haha yikes - that makes too much sense!  I wasn't sure if there was 'proper' way to do it and this seems to be it.  Coming from another firewall vendor's world it's taking a bit to get used to how Cisco does things.  Thank you so much!!
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