Attachments won't open with out being saved first

Hi all,

I am running Outlook 97. When I receive an email with an attachment if I click on open I am given an error message saying that the extension does not have any known programs associated with it. It then suggests that I go into file associations in the tools menu and create the association.

Problem is I have already done this and, strangely, if I sav ethe same attachment to my machine then double click it, it opens with the required program.

Any suggestions appreciated

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings wsc80b !

Make sure you have the latest updates for Outlook 97.

Your Outlook temp folder may be full. Delete the files in the OLKxx folder.  Here is how to navigate to the folder:

Hope this helps, war1
Not really a problem as I see it, firstly it is in an attachment unsafe, Outlook 97 is really outdated.That maybe part of the problem, winows updates mayhave disablledsome stuff.
Attachments are the source of viruses.
 if its an installer it is best not to run it from an attachment, and I dont think you can.
is it a zip it will offer to save to disc first. as you'll have to unzip it.
what format is it
wsc80b, any update?
wsc80bAuthor Commented:
Apologies for the delay, other commitments have stopped me from getting back to this problem.
war1 all is good now, thanks very much for your patience :)
wsc80b, glad the problem is fixed.
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