Dell Diagnostics Bootable Disk

I would like to download all the dell hardware diagnostics software in one bootable cd.GX-150,270 and 240's. Is this posible?
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Yes, you may be able to download the diagnostics for all systems from the Dell website, However, the files are for fixing the diagnostics partition, or for extraction to a floppy, since the model you own is already old.

You may also visit this site: ,which contains an ISO image of the diagsnostic. Just look for the file compatible with your system.
Depends if the latest one is backward compatible with the older ones.

I hope this helps !
rmgeorgeAuthor Commented:
I downloaded and extracted the ISo but after I burned it on the cd, its not bootable.  Is there something special I most do to make it bootable?  Or do I just burn the files I downloaded?
The ISO file you downloaded should make the cd bootable. If not, try another version.
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