Don't get Management Studio when Installing SQL 2005

I'm trying to install SQL 2005 Standard edition on a laptop.
It installs without errors (do get a warning about hardware requirements, probably memory as only 512MB) but there's no Management Studio in the start menu, only configuration options.
I have sucessfully installed it on an identical laptop.
It had a previous instance installed and I have followed some instructions to remove this as I know it can be a problem.
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ptjcbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you installed Visual Studio - that installs a file at you need to move
If you took the CDs then management studio is on disk 2
Server components, tools, Books Online, and samples
Run the SQL Native Client Installation Wizard

You have installed the "Run the SQL Native Client Installation Wizard", next you need to install the "Server components, tools, Books Online, and samples". This is where you will get SQL Server and the Server Management Studio.
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