Setting User Size limits on Home Directories

I have an already existing Windows 2000 domain.  My users all have home directories.  Lately backups are taking a long time to do, and upon further investigation, i noticed that users have gigs of data in their home directories.  Is there a way to limit the size's of users home directories like you can do in Exchange 2000?  Thanks.
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You can setup Quotas by doing the following:

-Open My Computer, right-click the volume for which you want to set quotas, and click Properties.
Click the Quota tab.

-If quotas are not already enabled on the volume, click Enable Quota Management.

-Click Quota Entries to open the Quota Entries dialog box.

-Click Quota, New Quota Entry to open the Select Objects dialog box.

-Locate and select the user or group for which you want to add a quota entry and then click Add. Click OK.

-In the Add New Quota Entry dialog box, click Limit Disk Space To, and the specify the Limit and   Warning Levels. Click OK to close the dialog box. Repeat steps 5 through 7 to add other entries as needed.

In addition to specifying a limit for a user or group, you can also add a quota entry that sets no limit on the user or group. When you create the quota entry, simply choose the option Do Not Limit Disk Usage.

Hope that helps.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You can set-up and use disk quotas
wawaldoAuthor Commented:
Is there a difference between using dynamic disk or basic disk?
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