split implementation of dns


We have got a split dns implementation on windows 2003.

I have created a www record pointing to the IP address of the domain (A Record)

I have done as suggested so that we are able to browse the domain without appending the www.


To create a host record that allows going to the domain without using www or ftp or anything else you just add a new host for that domain that has nothing in the Name field so that it uses the parent domain. Add the IP address and check if you want it to update a PTR record and click Add Host.

However, I get the following error:

The associated pointer (PTR) record cannot be created, probably because the reference reverse lookup zone cannot be found.

Does this thing need to be done from the person hosting our dns service?

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meluConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

the server that I am doing it is the authoritative server for the zone. The reverse zone exists
- its 10.10.250.x subnet.

Do I need to create another zone b/c the IP address is an external (public) IP address because the website is hosted by an external company who also host our external DNS.

One another thing that I have noticed is that I have 3 IP's (see print screen) which are all "(Same as the Parent Folder)"; two of them are internal IP's i.e, - and one is external IP (hidden from view for anonymity).


brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
If you made an authoritative zone for your domain then you would create the PRT records. Make sure you have a reverse lookup zone as many times they are not created by default.
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