How to take ownership of a roaming profile folder in active directory

I am a network administrator with full access to everything on the network.  I changed a users profile on my network to a roaming profile and pointed to the directory in active directory.  However, when I am assigning permissions to the user on his profile folder, I am unable to set him as the owner of the folder.  I can only set myself or the administrators group to take ownership.  This causes the user to be unable to login to his profile because he doesn't have proper ownership.  Any help on this?
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you will need to do this on a windows 2003 server. To grant someone else ownership to the folder you have two choices - you can either do it logging in as your self on a 2003 server, or you can grant the use full control permisions to the folder, and then get the user to take ownership himself.

ZLucasAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that... didn't mean to post it twice.
By default only the logged in user and Administrator appear in the window allowing you to take ownership.  However, you can grant anyone ownership by clicking "Other Users or Groups" and then either typing an account or searching for it.
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