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Using site links for redunancy


Question for you all....using Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Environment, you can create multiple site links to link sites together for replication. You can assign costs and schedules to them. But say i had to sites, say Site A and Site B, and between those sites i had a ADSL link and also a Dial up link for backup purposes. So i create two site links between site A and Site B. One of the links with a cost of say 10 and the other link with a cost of say 20. So i'd want to assign the site link with the lower cost to the faster ADSL connection, and the slower to the Dial Up Connection - how do i do this?

I know how to create the links, but how do i tell it to use a specific link?

Am i missing the point here somewhere?

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If you had a third site, say site C, and the ADSL went between A and B & A and C....and the Dial up was between B and C...then you could use the different site links and their associated costs (by assigning a higher cost to the link between B and C) to ensure that B and C always replicated with A unless the ADSL was down....then they would resort to that higher cost link between B and C.

With your setup I'm guessing the best option - in the even the ADSL did go down - would be to manually adjust the replication schedule on your current site link to accomodate the slower dial connection.

The site links themselves are only logical, not a physical representation of the connectivity between offices.
DenisCooperAuthor Commented:
great....thats what i thought, but just want to make sure....

May your ADSL line never go down=) Cheers.

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