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Can't delete files in my pictures, too long for recycle bin (Screenshot)

Somehow, using Cobian backup, I created about 40 My pictures folders that were within the original my pictures folders. The link below has a screenshot. It said I can't delete because the file name is too long. Well as you can see I tried to rename them with just one letter but it still won't delete them. Any help is much appreciated.

When I try a regular delete it says it's too long for the recycle bin.

What I have tried to do:

 I tried killbox, it said it couldn't delete the file.

 I tried deleting one folder at a time, and sometimes it works, but most of the time explorer just crashed. I try also using Zdelete and that will freeze also.
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Just tried killbox again, this time I clicked on one of the folders near the bottom, still can't delete.
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If you really want to just delete them, then perhaps it would work if you right click the Recycle Bin, select Properties, then put a check mark next to Do not move files to the Recycle Bin, Remove files immediately when deleted...
You could also try from a DOS command prompt:  type CMD.EXE in the Run dialog box off the Start Menu and hit the Enter key.  Then do enough CD sub-directory-name commands (CD is short for "change directory" to get you to the bottom subdirectory of the path and then use the DOS DEL filename (delete) command to delete the pictures.
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What happens if you select the top most folder you want to delete, and shift-delete on the keyboard?  This will immediately delete it, bypassing the Recycle Bin.

Or, could you delete the folder from the command prompt?  "delete myfoldername" might do it?
at a Dos command prompt use the subst command to make the path "appear" shorter, that may allow you to delete the deepest folders...

subst h: "%userprofile%\my documents\my raidmax custom computer docs\my pictures"

then explore to H: (or other letter you have free) and try to delete...
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Well personally I would start with getting to the bottom and delete them manually till you get halfway.
Try this open task manager then " stop explorer " not inter explorer windows explorer
your desktop will dissappear.
 in taskmanager>>navigate to file new task run>>use the browse and try to delete the folders from here, with explorer stopped you may have free access.
to get your desktop back in the new task run type in explorer again. press enter
There is also safemode.
cheers and good luck

Thanks for all the responses.

I had a family emergency and won't be back home  to try any of the above solutions until later in the weekend.

Merete:  I did try to delete the bottom folder and it wouldn't let me. I even tried to just copy all of them to an external hard drive and it wouldn't let me do that either.

As I said I will check later in the weekend as soon as I can get back home.  
Ok, thanks for hanging in there while I got back.

I cannot shift delete the file. A box comes up that says "The File cannot be deleted."

I am going to try Icesword now and report back.
Ok, I've got Icesword open but have no idea what to do here.
I have tried shift deleting the bottom folders but I either get a cannot delete file, or I can't because the file is in use.
Did you figure it out? When you open IceSword, there should be a section near the bottom left of the window called "File". When you click on it, open up to the folder and right-click it and click "Delete" or "Force Delete".
Yes I figured it out, and it's the only thing that worked. Safe mode didn't even work, so thanks for suggesting icesword.