Loading vista home premium and drivers on new hard drive sony vgc-ra820g

I replaced a crashed hard drive on my sony vgc-ra820g desktop with a seagate 500gig eSATA hard drive and am trying to boot up with a newly purchased copy of windows vista home premium (recommended by sony) and am having trouble with booting.  
1) Do I need to boot with the drivers CD I have made, or do I need to put the drivers on a floppy for the original boot.
2) I have been in BIOS and the new hard drive is recognized (i think), and I changed the preference to read from the CD-ROM on boot up with the windows vista CD in the drive but this does not work.
3) What sequence should I use here for original booting and load of the drivers and OS.
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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For clarification . . . are you saying that you can't boot to the CD? Sounds like you have a brand new hard drive installed, with no previous operating system on it. If you purchased a retail version of Vista Home Premium, you should be able to boot to the Vista DVD.

Since the media should be a DVD, do you have a DVD drive, or are you trying to read the DVD in a CD drive (doesn't work)?

From Microsoft's article, You cannot select or format a hard disk partition when you try to install Windows Vista, which can be found here:


If you are trying to perform a clean installation of Windows Vista, you must provide the correct drivers for the hard disk controller. When you are prompted to select the disk on which to install Window Vista, you must also click to select the Load Driver option. Windows Vista Setup will guide you through the rest of the process.

Sony PCs seem to have their own peculiarities when installing Vista. Sony's instructions for doing a clean Vista install can be found here:


From Step 5 of those:

Insert the Windows Vista DVD and restart your system to boot to it.

So, according to both Microsoft and Sony, boot to the Operating System DVD.
skree358Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to boot to the Vista DVD first before you can install the drivers. If you have 2 optical drives, make sure you load the bootable cd in the top (master) drive. If you need a walkthrough in installing the OS, you can refer to this site: http://vistahomepremium.windowsreinstall.com/#WINDOWS%20VISTA%20GUIDES

In Vista, most of the drivers are already installed after reinstalling the OS. You just have to check in the device manager and install the ones with question marks.
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